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Are You Going Out In That? A Public Service Announcement About Funny Tees

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2012 at 8:28 pm

I have seen lots of young people walking around in very public places wearing some really offensive stuff in the form of funny t-shirts. I don’t blame these younger folks, because the Internet has turned that generation into the most jaded, desensitized people in recorded history. Violence, profanity, and nudity hold no mystery to them. They have seen it all. That’s why I think they need a guide, and I have thusly provided one.

The very first kind of shirt you should absolutely never be caught wearing, even if it means resorting to not wearing a shirt at all, are those cheap airbrush funny shirts you see on boardwalks, carnivals, and fairs. Anything that can have pictures of Pokemon, genital references, and semi-nude women on them is a travesty to t-shirts everywhere.

Something that must always be considered when choosing your funny tees are the actual words themselves. Curse words have been getting more and more common in recent years. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to wear it on a shirt where any kid can read it. Forced a child to see obscene words is never okay, and any family that gets upset about it has a right to their anger.

Another thing that I’ve been seeing on funny tee shirts recently is lecherous and provocative designs. This follows the same train of thought concerning curse words, in that underage children should not be subjected to that type of influence at such a young age. You can wear your shirts where you want, as long as children aren’t willfully exposed to R-rated material. Pretty simple, right?

The world of funny apparel is a big and endless one that you’ll never be able to explore fully. That being said, there is plenty out there that will make you laugh, is witty, and doesn’t offend everyone who sees it. There are places where adults meet to do adult things, and your offensive shirts should be reserved for those occasions. All you have to do is be considerate of others…is that so hard?

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