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Number 100: Get To Da Choppa!

In T-Shirts on April 21, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Get To Da Choppa!
Arnie at his best.
Who doesn’t love the Governator? Whether you love him for his work in action films, or you love him ironically because he’s a bit of a buffoon…the Austrian Aurocks is about as bad-ass as a human being possibly can be. That’s why this funny t-shirt makes it on the T-Shirt Countdown at number 100.
When people start quoting movies, someone in the group is inevitably going to throw out a really crappy Arnold quote. Whether it is “Get your ass to Mars!” or “Get to da choppa!”, someone is going to make everyone laugh. Arnold Schwarzenegger is America’s befuddled comedy genius, and I’m not really sure the big guy knows it. Even if he did, I don’t think there’s any amount of P.R. that can be done to make our generation respect or take him seriously.
Don’t misunderstand me, I think the guy is a great entertainer. He has learned how to do action better than anyone else before him, and better than a great deal of people since. He’s an old man now pretending to be a politician. He’s an okay actor, but I’m not sure the man is really up for this level of performance.
Funny t-shirts that feature Arnold only started popping up in the recent year, so there’s not a whole lot out there to choose from. I like this one because of the simplicity of design and the quote itself. Arnold may like telling people what to do in his thick Austrian accent, but it is usually for our own good. No one wants to stay behind and get killed by a Predator alien, terrorist, or mafia goon. It’s best to let Arnie handle these things. I find that “Get to da choppa!” is an excellent piece of advice.
If only Arnold had been as good at governating as he is at advice-giving, California wouldn’t be in such bad shape.